Add in Women

Women with ADHD/ADD can spend most of their lives without getting diagnosed, Girls unlike boys may get missed from getting diagnosed with ADHD. They have no behavioral problems so they may fly under the radar throughout the early years and escape detection until major life stressors that tax executive functioning skills hit. 

If you have been diagnosed good news! You are one of the lucky ones. There is no need for you to feel ashamed or inadequate any more. Lets work on shedding the all those toxic layers of self loathing that have accumulated.

You don't struggle because you are lazy incompetent or because there is anything wrong with you. You are just not neurotypical. You likely need to spend more time developing your strengths,  surrounding yourself with the right people and learning self compassion  then focusing on your weaknesses. Welcome to the tribe. 

There is so much you can learn to do to help yourself feel worthy of and receive the love and life that you deserve .

I hope this website will help you  take a step in the right direction, where you can drop the mask and be yourself. Instead of investing energy in trying to keep up with everyone else, spend that time  learning  to be the best you can be.